Tribal back tattoos in the 21th century

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On one point you can’t argue; Tribals are definitely a tribal sign. There are simple curved lines or symbols, mostly executed in black. Many pattern look like fire. At the Maori the tattoo is the transition from childhood to adult life. The tattoos are dotted with a sharp, chisel-like tool under the skin. Others, however, call the Celtic tattoos the tribals. Most will have seen the film ‘Braveheart. Basically, it doesn’t matter who was the first with a tribal tattoo. Even Ötzi the Iceman wore tribals.

Are tribal tattoos out of fashion? No of course not. In the mid-nineties the tribals where usable and tattooed in salons, suddenly they were no longer just a daring tattoo but the affectionately called tramp stamp, was now suddenly hip. Suddenly, the tattoo was socially accepted. After legions of girls decorated themselves with tribal back tattoos, then suddenly the tattoo was out of fashion, to the delight of Cover up Artists and all the tattoo removal specialists.

But Tribal motifs are still a beloved tattoo to many. The motifs are still wonderful to define certain parts of the body, and individual artists make some beautiful designs and quite different than it was a few years ago. Tribal back tattoos in the 21th century. The Tribal is a universal genius, what parts of the body and designs are concerned. It can be used for filling or even as own tattoo and has grown as a beautiful tattoo over the years. If you look for tribal back tattoos , then you will find some old and new designs in the gallery.

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